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In the meantime, Bill's faith was also being challenged and strengthened by the remarkable things he saw and experienced while unconscious. This book demonstrates the power of God and the sufficiency of His grace in hard times. But it also testifies to the incredible blessing of belonging to a church where members love and care for each other in times of crisis.

The Bible has many interesting stories about preachers and their sermons. God used these preachers to teach the people about His laws. Bible Sermons is a collection of stories about various sermons in the Bible. It teaches the importance of hearing God's Word preached and obeying what we hear. God has a jealous interest in His people, and He is always ready to help those who obey Him. The candle was burning in a small room off the passageway.

It showed a desk cluttered with printed pages. Then he saw something on the window shelf and forgot the cold.

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  • 1.6 How can I move forward as a “Seeker”?.
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It was the Great Book. How much do you know about the cities and towns mentioned in the Bible? Could you still visit these places today? This set of two books gives the Biblical accounts, followed by more current information to link the long-ago names and places to modern towns and countries. Each chapter contains simple, hand-lettered and -colored maps that are easy for a child to follow in creating his own with the blank maps provided at the end of each chapter. Suitable for children in the lower grades.

Daniel enjoys being a helper. He gathers vegetables from the garden for Mother and puts tools away for Father. Each day is a day of helping and learning for a seven-year-old boy. Daniel also enjoys playtime with Laddie, his big collie. Laddie can play ball and do some tricks. Daniel loves his pet, and he is sad one day when Laddie gets his foot caught in a raccoon trap. He worries about his pet, but Father assures him that God cares even about dogs like Laddie. Daniel enjoys his friends too, and he wants to cheer them up when they have hard times.

His friend David must sit in a wheelchair every day. Thomas has a broken leg, and cousin Nevin has diabetes. Daniel wonders why God allow some people to have so much sadness in their lives. Through his daily experiences, Daniel finds joy and contentment in knowing that God cares for each of His children in the way He knows is best. Each book contains 24 Bible verse posters that can be colored. Also available in Spanish. Children are naturally sympathetic toward those who live in unfortunate circumstances.

This book, with its poetic narrative and bright pictures, will spark that sympathy and help your children understand that they live in much better conditions than most. These page books are composed of simple, basic, outline pictures of common things that children see around them every day. Their small size, 8" wide and 5" high, makes it easy for little ones to handle. The name of each picture is printed in bold letters on each page. Your child will love paging through this booklet with lots of full color pictures throughout.

Try it yourself—see if you can flip through these photos without cracking a smile! Plastic coil bound with durable pages for young hands. Dive into the wonders of discovering the amazing creatures of the ocean, or visit the zoo every day in a beautiful book featuring gazelles, bears, gorillas, leopards, and many more zoo animals. Beautifully detailed artwork of North American wildlife for children and adults to color. Your toddler will enjoy the colorful pictures of this board book as they become familiar with animals of the Bible. Perfect for taking along to church.

The pictures are taken from Favorite Stories from the Bible.

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All around Martha are beautiful things she cannot see—the green grass, the sky, and the light of the sun. But Martha's life is full of light because she walks with God. She spreads sunshine wherever she goes. Her neighbors know her as a person who lives to give and does not complain.

A full-color children's book. Kevin, Violet, and Andrew live in a happy home on Dogwood Hill. With Christian parents to help them, the children learn important lessons about life.

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When Andrew shares an unkind story about one of his friends, he learns about slander and how it hurts others. The discovery of purple beans in the garden brings the opportunity to learn about wastefulness. Lively, roly-poly puppies give the children a chance to learn about treating animals kindly. A wheelbarrow load of tomatoes teaches perseverance. The natural world around Dogwood Hill also inspires learning. From cardinals and monkey flowers to doodlebugs and bats, the children learn to see the hand of the Creator. The Family at Dogwood Hill contains thirteen stories for children five to seven years old.

Witmer published by Rod and Staff Publishers. Leroy Martin smiled as he drank in the freshness of the May afternoon. Blue skies, a gentle nip in the air, and the tender green of bursting buds filled the countryside. From his perch on the tractor seat, he could see his father's fields stretching before him—three hundred acres of a well-managed farm. The barns and pastures held a herd of cattle that was known to be one of the finest in the area.

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Leroy enjoyed his work on the home farm, but life held more than just work. He also enjoyed his friends and their frequent ball games. Eva, a fine young lady, also held a place in his thoughts; and altogether, it seemed that life was working out in a satisfactory and comfortable way. But his complacency was seriously jolted when his friend Mark—the most valued athlete on the team—no longer had time for ball games.

I love to have fun. But where does God come in? Am I dying daily for Christ, as Paul did? Leroy tried to forget his friend's concern, but disappointment and tragedy suddenly brought him face to face with the most serious question of his life and one that he could not ignore: What really does God require of a Christian? Twelve-year-old Andrea looked forward to spending four summer months at Grandpa and Grandma's delightful little cottage on Sage Street.

With her sister Amy and her brother Alex to keep her company, the days would fly swiftly until Father and Mother returned from their missionary trip to India. But the cottage on Sage Street is small, and Grandpa and Grandma do not have a garden, because plants do not grow well in the Sage Street area. The rest of the neighbors living on Sage Street are older people—like Grandpa and Grandma.

What will three lively children do all summer? That first evening, Andrea's thoughts churned as she prepared for bed. If only she had a place to plant flowers, she would be content. But it was out of the question , for the soil was so poor that most plants refused to grow. It was too bad, for surely the older people who lived in the other cottages would also enjoy a hobby like growing flowers.

Then—the very next day—an empty sandbox frame sparks Andrea's great idea. Not only would she grow flowers on Sage Street, but she could also be a missionary while she was at it. Due to the limited vocabulary, younger children may enjoy it as well, but because it deals with issues of repentance and salvation, be careful not to make young children in their innocency feel guilty and accountable to God. What can be done to prevent it?

How can we protect innocent children from its emotional, physical, and spiritual consequences? Are there ways to shield them? Should we talk about sexual things? How much? The seventeen authors of Protecting Their Purity provide biblical encouragement and practical answers to one of the most important parenting questions of our day.

Many of them have experienced abuse personally. In Protecting Their Purity they offer how-to, encouragement, and most of all, hope. Hope for mothers of children and teenagers who take seriously their responsibility to protect their daughters' purity. Candid, practical advice for getting along with another human being who is your leader at that! In order to bond with our children, we must invest time in their lives. Unless we are intentional about this, opportunities slip through our fingers.

Minutes spent today to build relationships with our children will yield benefits tomorrow when outside pressures threaten to unravel those ties that bind our hearts together. The purpose of this calendar is to provide organized, helpful ideas of things for mothers to do with their children. Most of you will not find time to do an activity every day, but each week choose three or four activities that you can work in, making sure you have the supplies needed ahead of time.

The story of David and his sheep. A delightful story for all ages. When Mr. Waverly comes home from the hospital, Caleb uses his homemade manners to show kindness and consideration to his elderly neighbor. Seeing Mr. Waverly gives Caleb a good idea for naming his favorite kitten. Baltozer published by Rod and Staff Publishers. This story will familiarize children with the Guatamalan culture and will teach them the joy of giving to the Lord rather than selfishly keeping all for themselves. May I go along to help? The 3rd Edition of the Grade 1 Bible Nurture and Reader Series provides texts and workbooks for most of the first grade pupil's basic needs—reading, phonics, language, spelling, penmanship, and Bible memory.

Separate math, music, and art courses are available to round out the first grader's curriculum. This edition has a greater emphasis on phonics than former editions. It contains considerably fewer sight words, and has much more drill and practice built into it. The stories are from the Bible, but have been rewritten to fit new word lists.

This course is arranged into 6 units, with a total of lessons. In essence, the "pre-reading" lessons of the 2nd edition have here been expanded into their own unit. Unit 1 has 15 lessons, Unit 2 has 25 lessons, and Units have 30 lessons each. All of these divisions relate to one another in a given lesson, thus thoroughly acquainting the child with the lesson for each day. Whirr goes the machine, and there on the patch is one little stitch and another to match!

Many stitches later, Stephen has a very special comforter—cozy and bright. It is just right to give away to someone who needs it. Stephen never knows where his comforter goes. But God knows. He knows exactly where Stephen's comforter is needed! This beautifully illustrated story helps children understand how their willing efforts can bless others. More than anything else in the china cabinet, Mary Ellen Stutzman likes her mother's gold carnival pitcher.

With its glowing rainbow colors, the pitcher is the most beautiful one that Mary Ellen has ever seen. Not only is it a lovely pitcher, but it is also a precious heirloom that once belonged to Daudy Kauffman. Sometimes Mary Ellen wonders how the pitcher was made. How did the glass get its rainbow colors? What other stories lay hidden in that beautiful, old pitcher?


To her surprise, Mary Ellen is to find out some of the secrets of the gold carnival pitcher. But the greatest surprise is yet to come! Suddenly something dawned on Esther that she had never thought of before. Appealing stories from the author's childhood memories that grab the attention of boys and girls alike, plant life lessons in their hearts, and bring on occasional giggles and sympathetic sighs.

Little Pedro from Paraguay needs to have a series of shots to help his body heal from a disease. Will he be brave through the whole ordeal as God heals his body? Pedro rested his feverish head against Father's chest. Father took Pedro's thin hand in his big, strong one. Pedro closed his dark eyes. He felt so safe to be in Father's arms. God loves to hear songs of praise from His people. It is easy to sing in times of victory and rejoicing, but God also wants His people to sing during times of hardship and sadness.

Bible Songs contains stories of God's people and some of the occasions on which they sang. Words are broken into syllables, and pronunciation is included with harder words to help the beginning reader. Each book in the Don and Jill Series is written to make a child's first reading experiences a pleasure. Simple words and short sentences allow first graders to read a whole book on their own! Grandma Lizzie and Grandpa Phares froze when they woke up and saw robbers in their bedroom. What do you think the robbers did when they heard Grandma Lizzie saying the prayer rhyme she had learned as a little girl?

This is a full-color book for children of all ages. Sara Beachy and her husband Noah were a busy couple raising their family in the s and 50s. Sara's mother-heart suffered deeply as one child after another succumbed to a mysterious genetic heart condition. Yet her trust in God deepened, leaving a testimony of faith that lives on, unsullied by bitterness.

May this true story inspire you to lean on God wholly as you face trials, and remind you to treasure the moments you have with your children. With its fascinating color illustrations, this book is an enjoyable way for children of all ages to learn about William Penn. This book holds a beautiful message about fairness and respect that resulted in many years of peace between the Indians and settlers in Pennsylvania. Meeting with God is the most important appointment of your day, but many demands and distractions compete with that meeting.

That's why a Bible-reading plan with a few exercises may be just the tool you need. The four volumes of My Quiet Time with God Every person has a deep need for fellowship, camaraderie, and companionship with others. But in our fallen world, rejection is commonplace and painful. We hurt when we are left out or purposely excluded, especially when it involves our family, our close friends, or our church.

Rejection has driven many people to become rebellious, controlling, intemperate, or obsessed with their performance. But being rejected does not doom us to living in misery and bitterness. Jesus offers a far better way. As believers, we are spiritually united with Jesus. In Him we are loved and accepted. In Him we receive the declaration of full approval from the Father. In Him we have the promise of being received into glory for eternity. This is an unspeakable wonder!

Accepted in Jesus is more than an exploration of rejection. It points the way to a life centered on Jesus, a life that takes up residence in Him. In Jesus we are not only delivered from the ways of self, but the life and vitality of Jesus also thrive in our relationships. We can be people of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness Jenna, the older sister, was beautiful. Sarah was the next born—the ordinary one. For years she was simply known as "Jenna's sister," without an identity of her own.

Falling into the trap of comparison, Sara became all too familiar with inferiority, the gut-wrenching pain of believing she was worthless. But she found victory and wants others to find it too. I share my testimony for two reasons: First, it is my song of victory to God in thanks for His glorious freedom and healing, as well as a declaration to Satan that I am done believing his lies. Second, I share it because I am convinced this is a much-needed message, especially among youth girls. I have an urgency to offer hope to young women who feel of little worth, inferior, or who think of themselves as failures.

In Christ, there is a way of escape from these debilitating feelings. This series is especially prepared to give extra reading practice to first-graders. The Bible verses in these puzzles remind us of the importance of being joyful. The Bible tells us to "rejoice evermore" and "In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Book 2 of the Little Eli Series. Here he is again, little Eli—still small but a bit older, a bit taller, and still wishing to help Dad on the farm.

At their new home in eastern Kansas, a place of creeks and fertile fields, Eli is more than just a water boy. He milks Hipbones every day, and when the rush of summer arrives, Dad needs his help to rake the sweet-smelling hay. Dad also promises Eli he may run the buckrake, pushing the windrows into piles.

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But each time Eli tries, something dreadful happens. Eli is never happier than when he can explore Fish Creek, which meanders through their farm. Then Dad and Mom begin to see dangers in Kansas that Eli doesn't fully comprehend. They begin praying about another move, and Eli finds he must leave Fish Creek and the West far behind.

Will his dreams of becoming a cowboy farmer on the prairie be lost forever? We protect your privacy and security. Sign in Register Wish List. Gift Certificate. Drop items here to shop. Drag and drop me to the cart Product is out of stock Choose the product options first. The product is unavailable in the catalog. Popcorn Song! Welcome to MilestoneBooks. We offer affordable Bible-based curriculum and character-building storybooks , helping build a solid Christian education for schools and homeschools.

These quality textbooks take a traditional approach to schooling. We attempt to sell the best, and strive to provide fast, friendly service. We're a small business located near Halsey, Oregon, but we ship worldwide. Your questions and comments are welcome. What's New The Arrowhead by Lucinda J. How Big Is God? Andy's Pocketknife by Dorcas R. Esther's Good Day by Dorcas R. Pictures for Children published by LeRu Publishers. This, Brody said, led to "a more universal vision of strict monotheism: one god not only for Judah, but for all of the nations.

The papal election is the 75th conclave in the history of the Catholic church since The voting cardinals will elect the th successor of St. Simon Peter or Cephas is regarded as the first pope and founder, with St. Paul, of the see of Rome. Chanting the litany of the Saints and seeking inspiration from the Holy Spirit, the cardinals enter the Sistine Chapel in a solemn procession. They swear oaths of secrecy at the marble altar behind Michelangelo's Last Judgement frescoes.

To vote, the cardinals sit on cherry wood chairs at specially built rows of tables which are covered in beige and bordeaux fabric. To prepare for the conclave, every small detail is taken care of. The placed into a small plate which is used to tip the paper into a silver and gilded bronze urn. Once the ballots are counted and recorded, they are placed in another urn on a wooden table to be burned. Two stoves are used for the ballot burning process. Another, more modern stove was introduced in to augment smoke and send a clear signal out to St.

Some of my favorite chapters are J. The essays are first-rate, on many important topics, from a diverse group of scholars, each contributing from their particular specialty. The book is well-organized into four parts, but it still feels a little disjointed at times. One of the really valuable features of the book is the appendix, which is an interview with Antony Flew. Flew was the premier atheist of his day, yet he nevertheless became a deist late in life.

It is an enormously encouraging story. The other books on this list are more comprehensive in their approach to Christianity. For most people, that is a good way to go. There are objections that need to be resolved, many questions that need sorting out, and lots to establish if a positive case is to be made. Fair enough. To do a fair investigation, all you and your friend need is an agnostic, open-minded approach towards miracles, and a willingness to do some serious historical research. The problem? This book is unfortunately written to Christians.

More importantly, Habermas and Licona have assembled an enormous amount of historical data into a clearly organized, coherent case for the resurrection of Jesus. Along the way, you will learn how to summarize their case into a conversational approach that you can repeat whenever the topic comes up. If your friend loves history, wants to do a focused investigation on the resurrection, or already has an interest in studying the life of Jesus, this is the best book to pick. There are lots of other considerations, depending upon your context. Perhaps you are in a book club and get to recommend a book once a year?

Are you a college or graduate student? Want to zero in on the most important question? Go straight for The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus. Whatever book you and your friend s agree on, continue to pray for them, include them in your church community, and make sure they understand the gospel. Want more suggestions? We have carefully selected some recommended books.

Carson is the founder of Reasons for God and the co-editor of True Reason. He serves as the Chair of the board for Creating Jobs. This is his personal website. Don't miss great new content - join the email list for free! And on and on it can go… I think you get the idea. Part 3: Humbly admit this to your friend. Part 4: Ask your friend if their interest in religious questions is sincere. Part 5: Invite them to read one of the following books with you.